The Furry Fandom

The “Furry Fandom” is a term to describe the growing community with an appreciation for ‘anthropomorphic’ (humanlike) animal characters in fiction. Examples include: the cast of Looney Tunes, various Disney characters, the Redwall book series, and so forth. Emerging from science-fiction conventions, the Furry community took off as an internet subculture. Most participants create an original animal character to represent themselves as a personal avatar, and they use this “fursona” to interact with others. Participation varies, but common aspects include: costuming, drawing, puppeteering, animation, role-playing, and attending annual conventions.


Our aim is to objectively explore the many facets of Furry subculture. Through the use of interview and verité (observation), we hope to provide answers to such questions as:

  • What does it mean to be a Furry?
  • What drives one to participate in this community?
  • What impact does Furry culture have on society?

The existence of the Furry culture stands as a testament of the times, as we are experiencing an Internet community that has spilled over into the real world. Amidst fears that technology is making communication increasingly impersonal, Furries exist as proof of its unifying capabilities. The community prides itself in its acceptance, tolerance of difference, and its ability to foster creativity. We intend to shadow select Furries and examine their lives both in and out of the Furry community. Our ultimate goal is to explore personal identity, the structure of Furry culture, and the relationship between the Furry fandom and society.