Furries:  A Documentary

The human part of being furry


About the Film

Each year, thousands of people gather for a convention in downtown Pittsburgh wearing tails, hats with ears, and full-body animal costumes. They are furries: members of a growing subculture who share an appreciation for anthropomorphic animal characters. Most furries personify themselves through an original avatar and use this character to interact with their community.

Following a handful of individuals, this film takes an inside look at the furry world. Frequently defined by mainstream media as a purely sexual community, they must struggle against public misconceptions as they explore and develop their lives as furries. From artists to costumers, from newcomers to parents, this film offers a humanizing perspective of an often misunderstood community. Look beyond the fur to discover the importance of identity, creativity, and the true essence of the furry fandom: its people.

"Furries" had its world premiere at the Frameline 40 film festival in San Francisco in 2016.



Eric Risher began his filmmaking career in Dayton, Ohio. He attended Wright State University, earning a degree in Motion Picture Production with a minor in Sexuality Studies. For several years he worked as the assistant editor for Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar, a pair filmmakers known for their award-winning documentaries. They collaborated on several short films (SPARKLE, LAST REEL, and MAKING MORNING STAR) which played in numerous film festivals. Before leaving Ohio, Eric joined the crew of the feature films CAROL, directed by Todd Haynes, and MILES AHEAD, directed by Don Cheadle. Eric is editor for the short documentary, THE LAND, by Erin Davis.

Today, Eric lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his boyfriend and their cat, Oliver. He continues to foster his passion for filmmaking, working as a freelance editor. Currently, he is the associate editor for Serendipity Films. Eric hopes to hone his skills so that he might direct and edit more films of his own. 


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Artwork by: Salmagundi (Ringtail Cafe Productions)

Artwork by: Salmagundi (Ringtail Cafe Productions)